The Hunger Games UK

In the face of Brexit, the UK government continues to cut welfare payments, raise pensions and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

And with their tax breaks, employers find the cheapest possible way to staff their businesses, often at the tax payers’ expense.

And with their protected pensions, older people put some by to give their families an occasional treat.

And with their cuts in welfare payments, those with low or no pay, those with physical disabilities, and those with mental health issues, become more and more anxious.

Often these people will turn to cash-in-hand work. They may use food banks, and they may end up sleeping rough. This in turn leads to deteriorating mental health and issues such as self-harm, or even suicide.

In response, our society of good people offers sympathy, moral encouragement, on-street handouts, and donations to food banks, while looking to the government to do something about this. Yet the truth is that the government are purposely creating the problem.

And so we see that, as long as we continue on our current course, all of this will continue and the situation for those of us with low or no pay, with physical disabilities, with mental health issues or with plain bad luck, will only get worse.